Wednesday, November 2, 2011

TUTORIAL: Snakes on a, Wreath

Since we had a major Halloween party this year, I went a bit crazy making creepy crafts. For the "Snakes on a Wreath" decor item, I channeled my inner (Gothic) Martha Stewart. Actually, this idea came from one of her Halloween special 'zines and I customized it a bit.

Step 1: Add varying sizes of rubber snakes to a plain old *yawn* grapevine wreath via floral wire or a hot glue gun (I chose the latter):

Note: Don't glue your fingers to each other or to the snakes. ;)

Have fun with the placement of the serpents! Some were glued on top, some were intertwined in the vine and others hung menacingly off the sides.

Step 2: Spray paint black in (and I can't stress this enough) a WELL ventilated area. The directions said flat black but I chose satin. I thought a bit of shine would make the snakes look more real and "slithery" and gloss paint would have been overkill.

The final product!! Hung in the guest bathroom over my embroidered zombie hand towel. I do believe I'll leave it up all year. Hisssssssss!

Never fear, no snakes were harmed in the process. ;) Leftover midnight black serpents were recycled as an embellishment to a vase of creepy flowers. Looks like a few even tried to "escape".


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