From my inital foray into online selling of my designs in 2004, I've been known as Mad Science Creations. But of late, I've been dying to change the name of my shop to Madsylvania. A sudden brainstorm for this name hit me while playing World of Warcraft last October. "Mad", as in lunatic fringe (as most creative sorts are), seems to appear in most of my ventures, including my alter-ego, Madviolet. And "Sylvania" refers to my love of forests and the spooky town of Transylvania where Igor assists Dr. Frankenstein with his minion duties.

This blog will serve as a portal for all my shops. Prepare for lots of announcements of NEW items from the dark side, contests, tutorials, promotions and other cool stuff. I will also occasionally feature talented artists and their wares just the share their awesomeness.

Oh, and if you are morbidly curious, check out my "new" Etsy shop, Madsylvania.