Wednesday, January 18, 2012

New Year's resolutions...Madsylvania haz dem

One of them is to post more in my blog, Twitter and Facebook account. Oh and there is now a new Madsylvania LiveJournal site too. Another resolution is to list even more macabre designs. My muse has been tapping at my brain incessantly the last couple years and I need to create my new ideas soon.

I also planned to find an alternative style model to display my dark clothing designs for the longest time. I'm thrilled to introduce Samantha, who has modeled for several years and just so happens to be my beautiful daughter. :D

Friday, January 13, 2012

Got Snark?

Want to express your Anti-Valentine's Day sentiment? Snap up a Snarky Heart Plush Clipon at the Madsylvania Etsy shop and show some attitude. Six styles are available: Go Away, Piss Off, Bite Me, You Suck, Hate You and Get Lost. Shown in the photo are black with machine embroidered blood red text but if you prefer a different color felt and/or font, no problem.

Oh and Happy Friday the 13th! To celebrate, my hubby and I will be spending it with Morticia & Gomez. ;) We have tickets to the Addams Family musical tonight. Good creepy fun.

Sunday, January 1, 2012

Enter the Attack of the Craft contest!

Happy New Year's Day everyone!! :D

‎AttackoftheCraft is giving away handmade goodies every day in January! The contest starts today with this AWESOME handmade scarf by Kim PoisonedCreations. Go enter... its easy... just promote the contest thread and let us know you did!